Baby, it’s cold outside
Baby, it's cold outside

With the excitement of Christmas in the past, the end of the winter nowhere in sight and the rise in daily pandemic numbers, it’s once again time to get comfortable in your own four walls.

Simple comfort food, a cup of tea (or a cheeky glass of red 😎), cosy blankets, cushions, candles, a good book or the latest TV series will get you through those cold winter evenings.

Using cushions is one of the quickest, easiest & cost effective ways to to add seasonal touches and texture to a space. Eye-catching cushions in different shapes and sizes also help to create luscious style spots around the home.

I keep a stash of cushion covers in our linen cupboard and tend to change them rather often to instantly change the look & feel of our sofa, bed and chairs. And the best thing: It takes all of 5 minutes!

Blankets – Throws – Covers
Name them however you want to: Blankets are a must-have for cold winters. Practical and versatile, they change the look & feel of a space in an instant.

I talk about candles quite often over on my social media accounts – I confess: I’m addicted to them! Not a meal, however simple, passes without candles on the table; candles burn when we watch the latest TV series or read books & magazines in the evening.

Nothing beats the warm light of a real candle, especially in winter.

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