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Some of my favourite links … October 2021

A great example of how to incorporate your travel finds in your home    

This cosmopolitan apartment in Rome reflects its owner’s lifelong travels

Which Tokyo hood made the list?

The 49 coolest neighbourhoods in the world

Bring. It. On.! 
I’m a big fan of colour blocking

Victoria Beckham is bringing back extreme color-blocking

If you didn’t know, now you know

A visual guide to all the different types of pumpkins

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Some of my favourite links … August 2021

I love the use of colours and textiles in this house:

30 years in the making, this festive Cartagena vacation home was worth the wait

This is not what I expected from a rock star’s home! Watch the video of the guided tour to discover how the other half lives:

Step Inside Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo’s soulful Los Angeles home

If you didn’t know, now you know:

Should you cook with butter or oil? Well, that depends

I’m pretty sure there are more new sites than listed here, but I’m glad to see Japan’s Iriomote Island mentioned:

The newest UNESCO World Heritage sites, in photos

Some good advice here if you don’t want to use potentially poisonous substances in your (edible) garden:

4 steps to an (almost) bug-less garden

It’s not just physical rest we all need:

The 7 types of rest that every person needs

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Some of my favourite links … July 2021

This South African beach house is an absolute dream.

A contemporary beach house that perfects coastal style

We might not be able to afford staying in those hotels, but I love referring to the pictures for interior inspiration.

Inside the world’s most beautiful new hotels

This is much needed – Tokyo nights are hot hot hot!

How to sleep in the heat: 6 steps to a cooler night

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Some of my favourite links … June 2021

I’ve long been a fan of interior designer Matthew Williamson and really enjoyed this virtual peek into his own home.

Tour Matthew Williamson’s home in London – a beautiful boho apartment full of colour and vintage finds

I thoroughly enjoyed my virtual wander through this amazing exhibition.

Sony World Photography Awards exhibition

Got some unused pasta, lentils or rice hanging around in your kitchen? These recipes might just be what you need.

11 recipes to help you spring clean your pantry

Mystery solved! I’ve been wondering about those hand signals.

Why Japan’s rail workers can’t stop pointing at things

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Some of my favourite links … May 2021

Hopeful thinking we might one day get back to being able to travel fairly easily…

30 trips to plan a year in advance

I’m going to try this next time I have an unripe avo

This brilliant 2-minute trick will ripen avocados on the spot

Japan’s most secluded train station is inaccessible by foot

Koboro Station

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Some of my favourite links … April 2021

This is such a cool Kickstarter project!
Jean Freund, the artist, showed the draft to me a couple of weeks ago and it is fab!!

Bon Voyage Tokyo: an illustrated book with augmented reality

Iran is one of the most amazing countries I have ever had the privilege to visit

Most beautiful places in Iran: Photos will dazzle you

I can totally relate to most of them! 😀

50x people witnessed slightly annoying things and just had to share

Rehang your art, add greens and 9 other ideas to change the feel of your space for free

11 zero-cost room-changing ideas

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Some of my favourite links … March 2021

I’ve bookmarked this link for when we can travel again:
Europe’s top 10 scenic rail journeys

In case you miss hanging out in cafes 
Relaxing sounds of cafe in Japan

Home offices are here to stay
How to design a home office you love

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Some of my favourite links … February 2021

Stressed out? Watch some jelly fish going about their business 
Jelly | Live cam | Monterey Bay Aquarium

Get ready for spring planting
10 types of potted herbs and how to grow them

I’ve just added this one to my Japan travel list
The Jade Coast – Itoigawa

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Some of my favorite links … January 2021

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Some of my favourite links … November 2020

I’ve bookmarked a few of these:
The most popular Airbnb in every European country

OMG! Just look at this beautiful space!!
A surreal new bookstore has just opened in China

I love how this list is reflecting quite a few topics that are dear to my heart and in the centre of Turquoise Port’s philosophy
The biggest interior design trends for 2021

I’m intrigued! Have any of you been to one of these shows??
In Japan, ‘Theater for the People’ makes fandom a part of the show

Coastal garden swoon
A dramatic, multi-tiered coastal garden

Too funny!
A travel writer re-created the most cliché travel photos she could find to compare 2019 and 2020