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New cushion covers!

If you are on my mailing list you will have received an email a couple of days ago announcing my new cushion covers!

They were supposed to be part of my 2020 collection that never came about because of the current situation out there. I hope you love them as much as I did when I first laid my eyes on themÂ đŸ€©

Happy weekend!
Alex x

Want to find out when new products are released?

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Are you over endlessly cooking meals? I am…

Are you still cooking up a storm? Well, I don’t…
I lost my cooking mojo at some stage during the last few weeks and whilst I’m waiting to somehow retrieve it again I thought I’ll share some of my favourite Tokyo takeaway restaurants with you. 

What is your favourite takeout?? Let me know!

Keep smiling,
Alex x

Ginger Jars now available online

Fav Tokyo takeaway restaurants

BURGERS … Burger Mania, Shirokane (also in Ebisu & Hiroo)

The Rosemary Lemon Burger is a dream.

Delivery (Fine Dine) available

ISRAELI … Ta-im, Ebisu

We were in heaven when we first discovered Ta-im. Great Israeli / Middle Eastern food is hard to come by in this town!

Delivery (Uber Eats) available

INDIAN … Ahilya, Meguro (also in Osaki, Aoyama & Yoyogi)

I confess: I’m a snob when it comes to Indian food. We lived in an Indian neighbourhood for a few years back in London and we are spoiled. It took quite a few attempts to find great Indian food in Tokyo.

Delivery (Uber Eats) available

PIZZA … Gonzo, Meguro

We LOVE Gonzo’s pizza! The restaurant opened not so long ago and we have been regulars ever since. The prosciutto pizza is my fav.

Delivery (Uber Eats) available

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This month I’m 
 August 2020

After quite a long rainy season summer has finally arrived in Tokyo.
Baaang – just like that. Someone switched the heat on and wow – it’s scorching out there! The heat index reads 45°C as I’m sitting here writing to you 😅

I hope you are keeping cool wherever you are.

Keep smiling,
Alex x

this great list of travel movies! We are about half way through 😅

because it’s the right thing to do

In Five Years
by Rebecca Serve

adding those ever so popular ginger jars to my online store

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Free shipping in August! 💙

The rainy season has FINALLY ended in Tokyo and someone switched the heat on as soon as the rain stopped! It isn’t quite as hot a in previous years (yet), fingers crossed it stays that way.

I’ve been busy adding more products to my online store and I’m offering free shipping to my lovely newsletter subscribers based in Japan throughout the month of August! 

Sign up if you are not on my list yet!

Wishing you a fab weekend and keep smiling,
Alex x

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How to create a stylish outdoor space for summer

Hi everyone & taaa daaa!

May I present the first installment of quick home styling videos with the fabulous Cherie Jones of Cherie Jones Design đŸ€©

Given that most of us will spend the summer in our homes this year, you may want to turn your outdoor space, no matter how tiny or large, into a stylish oasis for the season. Small changes can make a huge difference to the mood and feel of a place.

Please let me know what other areas in your home you’d like us to tackle in future videos.

Keep smiling,
Alex x

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This month I’m 
 June 2020

And June it is – the rainy season upon us followed by Tokyo’s relentlessly hot and humid summer. 
Isn’t it odd how quickly the last few months have gone whilst life in general notably slowed down? Something to ponder about …

Right about now I had planned to launch my 2020 collection. Covid-19 stopped me right in my tracks by cancelling my last sourcing trip as well as orders coming from outside of Japan.

So instead of presenting a half-completed collection I’ll just show the beautiful pieces I found during the next few weeks over on Instagram & Facebook as well as via my mailing list.

Alex x

opening my Showroom again!
I’ve made quite a few changes & can’t wait to show them off!

a series of home styling videos with Cherie Jones of Cherie Jones Design. Stay tuned!

“The Clockmaker’s Daughter”
by Kate Morton
* I’m over 1/2 way through and addicted to the story! Great summer read.

new Bikudesigns stock including a selection of fabulous vintage kimono fabric headbands!

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Ceramics release – finally!

My latest newsletter containing all the details of those ceramics from my last sourcing trip just went out to my email subscribers.

I meant to release those beauties at the end of March, but we all know that ceramics were nobody’s priorities back then! 😅

Please drop me a line if you would like to get that email or sign up for my newsletter here.

Hope you are well,
Alex x

P.S. I’m looking to re-start my Showroom Open Days in the second week of June – so stay tuned!