"How to support local businesses in Japan during COVID-19?"


“Spending more time at home, also gives us the opportunity to clear out the house and make space for new things. Wether you are reorganising your wardrobe or thinking about redecorating your house, these shops may just have what you are looking for.

… Turquoise Port: Selling curated modern Asian brands & travel finds, Home decor, art & accessories.”

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“Transitioning Careers” with Victoria Close of Biku Designs and Alex Morrow of Turquoise Port


“…welcomed our two special guest speakers, Victoria Close of Bikudesigns, as well as Alex Morrow of Turquoise Port. Victoria and Alex briefly talked about transitioning careers, what steps and tools to take in starting up a small business or how to make your hobby turn into a profitable one.

They also introduced their collaboration project called Moonsoil, that they developed together in partnership as a way to inform and introduce different types of business tools for small business owners

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"Get Ready For The Year’s Most Exciting Shopping Event, TAC’s International Bazaar"


“November is just around the corner, which means the holidays will be here before we know it. And you know that “holidays,” unfortunately more often than not, means last-minute shopping, hectic running around the city and ending up stuck in queues for much longer than we need to for our sanity. What you can do to avoid this is to start your shopping now and leave the holiday season for actual celebrations and quality family time.
Good news is, there’s a great event that can help you achieve exactly this — so get your wallet ready and head down to the Tokyo American Club on November 7 and 8 for its annual Women’s Group International Bazaar.
Among the vendors are a number of Tokyo-based foreigners, too, who have established their businesses in their home away from home. Among them are … Alex Morrow’s Turquoise Port, selling colorful and eye-catching Asia-inspired home decor, interior and accessories.”

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"WSC member Focus - Alex Morrow"


Describe your brand and your product/service.
Turquoise Port is a combination of my love of travel and interior design. I import home decor and accessories from other Asian countries. My products are handmade, I focus on modern designs made using traditional methods.

What are you working on at the moment for your business? 
Although I am currently in the middle of getting ready for a number of year-end bazaars, my medium-term focus is to get my online shopping platform finished.

How has WSC impacted on your business so far? 
Joining the WSC gave me the confidence to start my business. I love the knowledge, experience, energy and diversity of the group!

What was your biggest challenge/hurdle or what do you wish you knew before you started out?
Luckily, I haven’t come across huge challenges, but I wish I would have started a long time ago – I get so much joy and satisfaction out of running my own business!”

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"International Bazaar Vendor Spotlight: Alex Morrow with Turquoise Port"


“Moving to Tokyo is an exercise in beige, gray and white interiors. Tokyo American Club Women’s Group member Alex Morrow wants to shake that up with bright colors and eye-catching home décor from her modern Asian interior and accessories collections.

“Living in and traveling through so many Asian countries over the years opened my eyes to the amazing range of talented artisans and designers throughout the region.” Alex enjoys the story behind the products, and is happy to engage her clients with details of artisans, materials, traditions and craftsmanship.
Stop by and hear about all of Alex’s adventures with Turquoise Port and pick up some beautiful wares at the International Bazaar.”

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"Beyond the Guidebook - 5 Expats Talk Japan’s Latest Trends & Secret Tips!"


Japan is the treasure trove when it comes to design – I particularly love the concept of ’Wabi-Sabi’. I have always been drawn to certain not-quite-perfect objects because feel that imperfection enhances their beauty. ‘Imperfect perfection’ is what I used to call it before I moved to Japan and figured out – to my delight – that there is a proper term for it.

’Wabi-Sabi’ is deeply ingrained in Japanese design and its reach seems to be increasing. Elle Decor Magazine, one of the world’s most respected home decorating and design sources, has recently named ’Wabi-Sabi’ as THE 2018 trend in home decoration.

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"How I got here : Alexandra Morrow"


Growing up with itchy feet in a tiny village in eastern Germany I always hoped I will travel the world and live in lots of different places. My international journey started when I decided to move to Dublin, Ireland, at the age of 23 to learn English. Fast forward 20 years and I have added London, Auckland, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo to the list. I met my husband, who is from New Zealand, in London and we are on this exciting journey together.

Turquoise Port is a combination of my love of travel and interior design. I import home decor, art and accessories from a number of southeast Asian countries as well as India. All of my products are handmade, in quite a few cases I know the artisan personally. Having lived in Thailand and Malaysia I came to appreciate artisanal craftsmanship. I focus on products with modern designs made using traditional methods.

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"In Search of Home"


Where is home for you? It’s a simple question I get asked a lot, particularly given that
I’ve lived abroad since 1999: Dublin, London, Auckland, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and now Tokyo.
You’d think that the answer is pretty easy—Germany, or, specifically, a tiny village in the former East Germany. That’s where I spent the first 22 years of my life, but it only inspires childhood memories and feelings of nostalgia now.

My mum believes my apparent lack of sense of belonging is in my DNA and blames my grandfather (on my dad’s side, obviously). My granddad was a globetrotter and sailed around the world for many years. Maybe his restless genes have been passed on.

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"Japan Dialogues: Alex Morrow from Turquoise Port"


Turquoise Port is a combination of my love of travel, interior design and colour. We arrived in Tokyo in the middle of winter and everything seemed so dull and colourless. People wore black, grey and beige and combined with the general greyness of the concrete jungle it felt rather depressing, despite the constant sunshine.
That is when I started thinking about starting my own company (again). The thought had been in my head for a long time in a number of different shapes and forms. And it suddenly all fell into place like it was meant to be!

[…] My products currently come from South East Asia. The way I started my collection was basically trying to find the source of the products I had already purchased for our own home, and I had a few friends and contacts in the artisan space already. Most suppliers and some artisans/makers are very well-connected and are quite happy to refer you onto their network once you have built a relationship with them.

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