Illustration Colouring Book – “Hana”

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This beautiful coloring book, “Hana” (Japanese for “flower”)  includes 11 original line-art designs of women and floral motifs.
Suitable for both adults and children. 18cm x 25.5cm

Printed single-sided on durable paper.
Full-color cover.

Country of Origin:

Background Story:
Erica Ward is a freelance watercolor illustrator from Santa Cruz, California currently residing in Tokyo, Japan.
During her first visit to Japan at age fourteen, Erica was moved by the coexistence of history and modernity she saw in Japan and the experience greatly influenced her work and her life. In 2009 she graduated from the department of Japanese Language and Literature at University of Massachusetts Amherst and returned to Japan, the font of her inspiration.
In Erica’s mind, electric guitars and shamisen resound together, Kabuki and vending machines play a role on the same stage, and telephone wires and bullet train tracks weave a single tapestry. Her pen and watercolor illustrations display in color and detail a strange “Japan seen from the inside by outsider’s eyes.”

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Dimensions 18 × 25.5 cm