Some of my favourite links … February 2022
Woman walking urban street with yoga mat on back

Got a small kitchen?
12 handy organization ideas for small kitchens

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And 2 of them are in Japan!
10 healing spots around the world, from hot springs to salt flats

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For a colourful pick-me-up take a look at this fun Instagram account of a woman who dresses up like products and everyday objects.
Taryn De Vere | *Possibly* the most colourful woman in Ireland

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Japandi aesthetic has been around for a while, but what exactly is it?
What is Japandi Design? Here’s everything you need to know

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Guess why I searched for this information 🙈
How to unshrink clothes (and prevent them from doing so in the first place)

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Being an avid walker myself, I learned a lot from this article.
15 benefits of walking that will make you want to lace up

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Closing down schedule

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