About Turquoise Port

Curated modern Asian brands & travel finds | Home decor, art & accessories

When you think of Turquoise Port it conjures up images of exotic ports on the old silk route, where precious finds are carefully transported from the Far East in big steamer trunks. Making the journey through distant lands, every piece has a story to tell as they reach their new home to be enjoyed by those who have wanderlust in their soul.

Featuring delightful collections of home decor, art and accessories, Turquoise Port is unique in their pairing of traditional technique and contemporary design. The pieces are distinctive as stand-alone items and unforgettable when part of a collection.

Turquoise Port champions an emerging market of high quality and stylish, limited run pieces. These carefully sourced, unusual and aspirational products are an attractive alternative that challenges the perception of same-same mass market goods generally associated with many Asian countries.

The face behind the brand, is your intrepid travelling interior stylist, Alex Morrow. Alex works with talented artisans, designers and entrepreneurs to bring their gorgeous collections directly to you.

Taking you on the journey with her, Alex’s love of travel combined with her eye for design as an avid photographer and interior stylist has evolved into Turquoise Port – a hub of travel, adventure and a carefully curated shopping experience.